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The value of the internet to businesses today

Having been involved in the provision of internet services for 7 years now we are still surprised how many business owners or managers first question is “how much is it”?

Of course it is easy for a salesman to say ignore the price and focus on the benefits but where the internet is concerned this is actually good advice.

We operate primarily in Hull where KCOM has held a perceived monopoly since as long as anyone can remember. We very often still hear people talk about having no choice even though Purebroadband and other network operators have offered residential services since 2009. Since 2016 when Purebroadband joined up with Cityfibre and created the Purespeed brand businesses have had real choice.

Lightstream is a great product for Hull businesses and we are proud that KCOM is helping Hull to become one of the best cities in the UK in terms of broadband speeds with the highest proliferation of FTTP.

Purespeed offers FTTP over the Cityfibre network which is entirely separate to the KCOM network. This means that Hull businesses have been able to use two diverse networks to ensure their businesses stay online should either network fail. The take-up has been good but not quite as good as we expected.

Why is this?

Because people still talk about price before looking at the value.

The image with this post shows something very important to businesses. Only 13.7% had speeds of 100Mbps or more in 2016.

A report published by the British Chamber of Commerce earlier this year stated that 48% of UK businesses believed they could do better and more business if they had a faster connection.

Purespeed offers Gigabit connectivity with minimum speeds of 300Mbps download and 300Mbps upload on all of its Cityfibre products.

This says to us that Hull businesses have a real advantage over their competitors elsewhere in the country.

The question is… are enough business taking this advantage and running with it?

Unfortunately we don’t think they are.

The value of your internet connection is how it aids you to communicate with your clients, how fast you can download or send that large file, how seamless your video conferencing services are, how clear a sound you get on your VoIP calls, how fast you can react to incoming requests, how your data back-up is done every night without fail, how you can access and use any and all cloud services to save money and time and become more efficient. The list is endless and each and every example could be the difference between getting and keeping your customers.

With the New Year looming it is time for businesses to look at making sure 2018 is their most productive year yet. We are here to help facilitate that productivity.

 If you would like us to come and see you to discuss how we can help just drop us a message and we can pencil something in for the New Year.

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