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Hull Businesses – Your Right for Internet Diversity and Ultra-Fast Speeds

As business in the UK City of Culture continues to grow and flourish, Hull moves forward in further establishing itself as part of the Northern Powerhouse.

At Pure Speed, we remain committed to supplying local businesses with ultra-fast broadband that meets the modern day demands of high-paced business environments. We also believe businesses should expect both flexibility and resilience but, above all, choice, when it comes to choosing their broadband supplier. Regretfully, in Hull, this is currently not the case.

Throughout the UK, the vast majority of telecommunications companies operate duct sharing agreements. This allows a variety of different internet service providers to lay their fibre cable in the same ducts in sites where businesses operate, ultimately ensuring that customers have a breadth of choice of broadband providers and also acting to protect against a monopoly of the market. There are no such agreements in place in Hull and we feel now is the perfect time to change that. 

As the situation stands, every time a new building is being erected without secondary ducting, whether it be a shared office block or business park housing a large number of businesses, there is only one choice of broadband provider. If any business on site wanted to explore their options or choose an alternative provider, there would be no option but to rip up fresh tarmac to lay new cable, incurring escalating costs. With new developments in Hull looking as fantastic as they do in 2017, the last thing we want to be do is create more construction work!    

To combat this, we’re encouraging all developers, builders and architects to advocate and enable the installation of secondary ducts across new development sites in Hull and our surrounding areas. The second duct can be managed by the developer or passed on to us to handle, where we would be more than happy to supply all ducting and provide any additional assistance as required by the site. Ultimately, we can manage access and ensure that the businesses on site have a free choice of service provider. 

In the case of the business-only developments, it is only a matter of time until businesses will only wish to occupy premises where there are multiple options in place for telecommunications. Flexibility when it comes to your choice of internet provider not only allows businesses to choose a service best suited to their practices, it also provides additional resilience in the form of protection. 

Duct access would also allow businesses to choose a secondary provider if they wish to do so, allowing them to have a back-up ISP if they suddenly lost their primary connection – a growing concern for larger businesses who handle secure information and face a daily battle against cyber-attacks. As we have already highlighted, the loss of just 30 minutes of internet for larger businesses can have a profound, detrimental effect on operations.

The prevailing mind-set in Hull is that businesses don’t have a choice when it comes to their business broadband. As our partner company, CityFibre, continues to show successful case studies in every new city it enters, we encourage businesses based in Hull to join the Gigabit revolution and to consider their options. By encouraging architects, developers and construction workers on new developments to consider secondary ducts as an essential installation on new sites – as it is elsewhere in the UK – more businesses will be able to enjoy the freedom of choice and ultra-fast broadband as a result.


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